INNOPRO Become Member of Shenzhen Intelligent Sensor Industry Association

Innopro Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to join the Shenzhen Intelligent Sensing Industry Association, and was invited to serve as an important position in the governing unit.
The executive chairman of Shenzhen Intelligent Sensing Industry Association visited INNOPRO and communicated with Mr. Xu. They gained an in-depth understanding of the company’s situation and development layout, and exchanged views on the development of smart sensing industry applications.



The smart sensing will determine the basis for the development of information technology industries such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence. It is an important support for the development of the Internet of Things.



As the leader of intelligent sensing industry, Innopro Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the sensing industry for more than 16 years, focusing on the technical route of “multi-sensing fusion”. The major breakthroughs have been made in technologies such as environmental sensing, safety sensing, health sensing, position sensing, and communication sensing, and focus on smart security, smart elderly care, smart campus and so on. We have reached in-depth cooperation with Vanke, Huawei, China Post, Bank of China, China Railway Bureau and so on.