ED692 Outdoor Tri-tech
Motion Detector
PIR MV AISecurity Alarm DetectorWaterproof Grade IP65WaterproofAnti-white LightInvisibilityPIR / MW / AIHigh-techBusiness Security SolutionProtecting Your
Business is Our

Product Characteristics

Designed for outdoor and indoor residential, commercial, and industrial applications


Infrared + Microwave technology (10.525GHz)

Microwave Detection

Microwave detection based on Doppler Concept

Accommodate Pets

Pet immunity up to 80lb(36kg)

Wide Range

12m(39ft) detection range at 2.2m(7.2ft) installation height

Product Description

The Dual-Tech Outdoor Digital PIR Detector ED692 is a unique motion detector utilizing a single passive infrared element and Microwave technology.

The PIR detector ED692 is designed for outdoor use in the most severe climate conditions. The Dual Technology Outdoor PIR detector can also accommodate pets with the special pet immunity lenses. High reliablity is achieved by combining both dual tech hardware with highly sophisticated software, greatly reducing the possibility of false alarms.

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Product Parameters

Dual-Tech Outdoor Digital PIR Detector ED692
√ Product size: 180*80*85mm √ Working current: ≤30mA
√ Working voltage: DC 9~16V √ Detection capability: distance 12m (25°C)/angle 110°
√ Infrared + Microwave technology (10.525GHz) √ Microwave detection based on Doppler Concept
√ Unique waterproof and seal plastic design, rain and dust proof IP65 √ Pet immunity up to 80lb(36kg)
√ N. O. & N. C. Relays switched optionally √ Front and back tamper protection
√ Temperature compensation √ White light immunity > 10000Lux
√ Connector is outside of housing, Convenient wiring √ Stainless steel bracket
√ 12m(39ft) detection range at 2.2m(7.2ft) installation height √ Operation temperature: -35°C to +55°C

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