Our Main Products Are Certified by CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC and ISO9001.

Our Main Products Are Certified by CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC and ISO9001.


Product Description

ABT Perimeter Security Alarm Monitoring Dual Beam Detector.

1. Adopt the spherical lens to improve the aggregation degree of infrared emission and ensure the transmitting distance.

2. Waterproof rank IP65, suitable for different harsh environments.

3. Dual beams that are blocked trigger the alarm, the single beam that is blocked does not trigger an alarm.

4. Alarm output, NC/NO optional relay.

5. Adjustable sensitivity, 1~ 5 adjustable sensitivity, suitable for various environments.

6. Calibrate the test hole to test and calibrate it with voltage to make it work more stably.

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Product Parameters

Infrared Beam Detector ABT
√ Detecting Distance(outdoor): 30m-100m(optional) √ Current Consumption:<65 mA(max)
√ Detecting Distance(indoor): 90m-300m(optional) √ Anti-tamper Switch:NC/NO(DC 30V/500mA)
√ Beam Quantity: 2 √ Optical Axis Adjustment:Vertical 20°(±10°),Horizontal 180°(±90°)
√ Detection Mode: dual beam simultaneous block √ Waterproof Rank: IP65
√ Light Source: Infrared digital pulse √ Operating Temperature:-30℃~55℃
√ Response Speed:50~700ms √ Relative Humidity:≤95%(non-condensing)
√ Alarm Output: NC/NO (DC 30V/500mA)
√ Voltage power consumption:DC12~24V AC11~18V P≥15W

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